Both a sarcastic remark and a request for reconciliation,  please  acts as a public message in a private conversation. Americans in current culture often turn to outlets such as social media and group conversations via technical platforms (such as a group text message) to have confrontational discussion often aimed at one person in particular, rather than discuss the matter in private with the party in question. Placing this conversation in a group context adds a false self of comfort; usually, among this group, the person engaging in the conversation will find someone in support of their argument. Both passive-aggressive and unneeded, I use  please  as a means to continue this conversation, only with my public platform being the location of installation, rather than a social outlet.    Placed in a display case on a main street of my hometown the hidden message in this installation, revealed only during certain hours of the night, becomes a public shout of aggression in a conversation that needs only exist between the two involved parties.
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