Not an aggregation, but a symphony


September 2018

Next Gallery, Denver, CO

“The world is not an aggregation of things, but rather a symphony of relationships between participants that are altered by the interaction…”

Andreas Weber, Matter and Desire: An Erotic Ecology

 The way the world works is understood in many different ways. Some people believe that a single God overlooks us all, while some believe that (plural) gods help us find our way through specific parts of our lives. And though these differences have the power to unite or divide people, humanities’ connection to the natural world will always be the pillar in my own personal belief system.

 For me, the human connection to nature is what connects us all. Nature is the universal ‘god’ that moves things along, but in order to see these visual links, we need to look a little deeper and be open to interpretation.

 These works are my attempt to understand the world around me by combining visual marks with out of context thoughts that arrive through the process of making. Layered with political ideologies I am currently struggling against, these works document an understanding of my own conscious thought, finally able to break away from beliefs taught to me by my father during my childhood in Montana.

 Simultaneously abstract and representational, these works look deeper into my inharmonious relationship with my father and his value system, my thoughts on the natural world, and my continued exploration into the power of mark making and abstraction as a tool to view the world a little more closely.