July 2017

ReCreative Denver

Denver, CO

Following a line of inquiry without a definite stopping point is a hard thing for an artist to do, and to create an entire show revolving around that same line of inquiry that an artist has been meandering down for over a year, unsure how to explain it or comprehend its creation is even scarier, but here I am.

After a year of creation, months of art blocks, and plenty of investigation and exploration into natural forms that catch my eye, I am starting to understand that the more I observe within the natural world, the more my visual language is growing from a small phrase book, to a large dictionary.

I am beginning to interpret the way birds move into visual shape, connecting that to smoke trails, and then seeing a connection to the path a river takes through a canyon. Volcanoes look like lakes from an aerial perspective and tree bark is as similar to the lines within each humans’ hands as it is to its own roots that stick out of the ground. Straight graphic lines resemble lines found in a field of felled trees after a wildfire and washes of color appear in the cosmos as often as on an artist’s canvas.

These connections are what I am seeking with the work presented in Everything. Viewers should look at the art, leave the exhibition, and continue to see moments presented in the art within their everyday context, beginning their own process of collection, interpretation, creation, and connection much the way that I did creating this work.

Abstracted through my own visual lens, Everything invites you to investigate a visual language of my creation, then leave the work and find words of your own.