Current State


Sept 2017

Next Gallery

Denver, CO

The past few months have been full of significant changes and transitions in the world around me. These periods of change have placed me in an area of discomfort and unease, feeling like I have been placed on fault lines and shaky ground, but this discomfort is the key for my growth as a human and as an artist.

Through this unease comes Current State, an exhibition of large and small-scale works on wood panel and paper. Current State works through showcasing my particular interest in mark making, the interaction of materials, and my investment in the surface. This fault line I often feel placed on is being expressed through a careful interaction of surface and mark making tool, often pushing into the material to cause rupture or disruption between surface, material, and the material placed on top or beside.

The process of art making is full of observation and trials, and these tests, observations, and interaction are what I aim to bring to light with this body of work.